Hey y’all,

So y’all found my blog! Yay! My name is Madison Wisenbaker and I am a student at Texas State University. My major is in Electronic Media. What I am going to do with that is a mystery to me. But thats the fun part about life. I am the 3 born out of 4 girls and a growing family of 10 members now! I have 2 brother-in-laws, and a handsome nephew and a gorgeous niece. Oh and I am a mother of my puppy dog gunner!

Hwy 80
Hwy 80

My blog is about my interpretation of the pictures that I take with my own camera. My camera is a Cannon Rebel T3. I am currently working up to upgrading my camera to a new and improved model but I definitely still love the one I have. My pictures range from landscape, to family, and to some random people I’ve never met before.

I’m really excited about this blog and I really hope it takes off and I hope I stick with it. Feel free to leave comments, request, and questions! Oh and if y’all want to follow me on Twitter @madieleigh03! Hope y’all have a blessed week and month!

Keep smiling y’all,