Goodbyes aren’t so sweet.

Hey y’all,

Well this is my las assigned blog post. (don’t worry I will be back!) But on that note this post is going to have a bunch of facts! Fun stuff right? I’m going to ask and answer a bunch of questions! yay!

So since I started using WordPress my favorite tool to use is the ‘add media’ tool button and the ‘photo gallery’ of course. Without them I wouldn’t have been able to share my wonderful pictures with y’all. What I would like to do to improve my blog is by posting more. I want to try and keep my blog going and keep sharing my photos with everyone. In the future I want my blog to kind of serve as a virtual portfolio with my touch on how I interpret the images. I want my blog to serve as a tool to where I tell my future clients, friends, if they want to see some of my work that they can go look up my blog Photography in Central Tx and see a lot of the work I have done! So those are some of the things that I want to work on and the reasons why my blog can be a good tool to utilize in the future.

Here comes the fun stuff, the stats! My most popular week was the week of February 8th, with 67 views and 55 visitors. Well my most popular year was 2016 with 240 visitors. I think I

Screen shot of my weekly stats.
Screen shot of my weekly stats.

had so many visitors in the year of 2016 because thats the year I started my blog and the fact that its still 2016. With all of the stats and sightings number it surprised me how many people actually looked at and read my blog!

Well guys, I think thats all i got for this post, until next time!

Keep smiling,



P.S I wanted to give a little shout out my puppy gunner who sits right next to me during every post! He is such a trooper. All he wants me to do is put down the computer and play!


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