Texas State In the Spring


Hey Y’all!

University Dr. & Old Main

Ahh, it is spring time again here in bobcat nation. During the spring a lot happens,
the trees are full and green again, the flowers are in full bloom, and the college students are drowning in over highlighted notes, quizzes, projects and papers. But it also brings the school year to an end. As much as we say we hate school and can’t wait till we are done for the semester to be over when its actually over we say that we miss it.

Beautiful Old Main

Being a college student is definitely like riding a roller coaster. There are some ups and downs and twists and loops but if you stay on track the
ride will eventually come to an end. So you just gotta enjoy the ride while your on it.

The 3 Pictures i chose were some pictures I took of campus this time last year. I totally forgot i took them until I was scrolling through my pictures. Old main is probably one of my favorite buildings on campus. Its one of those buildings that you can see miles and miles away and it is just beautiful.

If you are ever wondering when is a goodIMG_9035_1024 time to take pictures in San Marcos it is definitely around 4, 5,6:00 the sunset is amazing almost 85% of the time.

All of this just makes going to school a little bit easier. You learn to enjoy the little things that make you appreciate going to such a great university.

If you want to learn more about Texas State click on the highlighted link!

Keep smiling y’all,



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