Photogenic Fun!

Hey y’all!


So Here are some more of the pictures from that last photo shoot I talked about in my last post. As I said i had so much fun with these two beautiful girls! Each photo I got of them says so much about them as a person.

The picture of my sister’s friend, Courtney, is breath taking. It matches her personality to a T.The image I chose for her is one of my favorites from the whole shoot! When I was shooting I told them to just be themselves and as Courtney was walking and looking for Morgan, I was just away shooting at her, and among the probably 10+ images I got in that one setting, the one I found was just stunning. After I was through editing it, it enhanced a lot of her features.  One thing that sticks out to me is her facial structures. Her eyes just pop! It looks as she is looking back for the last time and ready to start looking towards her future.



The picture of my sister is just, wow. Can y’all say beautiful?! Morgan has always been gorgeous but this picture just says it all for her. When were out there I was struggling on getting that one picture of her the whole time we were out there. But when I was editing I came across this one and I knew this was the one. Her golden eyes and her semi smile just say mysterious and kind which is exactly Morgan.

Taking their pictures made me realize a lot about them and myself as a photographer. I hope y’all enjoyed my post! If y’all want to see more pictures from the shoot y’all can check them out on my FaceBook!

Keep smiling Y’all,




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