Picture’s Worth a Thousand words


Hey Y’all!

Y’all have all heard of the term “a picture is worth a thousand words” right? well thats how i feel like with these two pictures.

This is my sister (the blonde) Morgan and her best friend Courtney. They have been best friends since they were in middle school. Of course friends have their fights and all of that but they work through them. I had the privilege to have a photo shoot with them a couple of weeks ago and what i got was amazing! thumb_IMG_0896_1024

In these two images you can see the how strong their friendship is. By how close they are standing together and how they are holding their hands tightly together. When I was taking their pictures they were just having a great time. Laughing and giggling the whole time! I really hope that their friendship lasts a lifetime! I love them so much!!

Hope y’all enjoyed this short post till then,

Keep smiling y’all!


Ps I told them I would give them a shout out on Twitter so here it is: @Morgankate_ & @Courtneyaponte1


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