A day in Austin Tx.

Hey y’all,

Tree With Beads!
Tree With Beads!

So some friends of mine came into town a couple of weeks ago and we wanted to do something fun, different, and something that none of us have done. After discussing for about a week we all decided on going to Austin to play TopGolf and go to a pretty popular place called Graffiti Hill, which are some remaining walls of buildings that used to be there with graffiti all over them.

"The Love"
“The Love”

I thought to myself what a great opportunity to, one, practice my photography skills, and two, try something new with my skills like street art! Any time I go to somewhere cool like that I tend to forget my camera or not even think about bringing it.


The pictures I chose to share with y’all were taken by me and edited by me. I only chose four images because I am really picky and I don’t want to bombard y’all with tons of pictures. The one of The Tree with Beads, and the Love one are probably one of my favorites because I played with all of the lighting, filters, and other settings until it got to where I liked it. They just stand out to me. I picked the one of my friend Amanda because I feel like that image kind of represents her as a person. She is one person who’s capable of anything and everything. The last picture is of a “local” artist who was finishing up a painting as we were walking up. What I like about this picture is when I was doing the editing I was adjusting the definition and all of the sudden you could see all the paint on her face, hands, and arms. All of her hard work showed up for itself. Visiting Graffiti hill was a pretty cool experience because we got to see other people’s artwork and ideas.

Local artist.
Local artist.

I hope y’all like the pictures, stay tuned till next time!

Keep Smiling y’all,



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